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Tips for Selecting Restaurant and Business Coat Racks

Written by All Coat Racks

Selecting a coat rack is a pretty simple job on the outside; after all, a coat rack is a simple object! However, if you make your businessís decision without weighing in all of the possibilities you may encounter, you can find yourself in a situation where you are inadequately equipped to accommodate your customers. You may also find yourself spending more money down the road on additional equipment. You really donít want to discover that you needed a larger coat rack after all if you are in the middle of a big event for your company. The last thing you need are your employees scrambling to find your guests coats as they begin to leave, and worse yet, losing items as the event goes on. If you bare these few tips in mind while you are shopping around for your businessís coat racks, you should be prepared to keep your business in order and will be able to ensure your guests items are securely placed in a stable location.

The first thing to start thinking about is how many people you are expecting. If you know the precise number of people who will be attending, then you know roughly the size of the coat rack you will need. However, if you are holding an event open to the public, or have a restaurant or business that can have a large crowd at any point, then you will need to consider other factors. Start thinking about the size of your venue and what is the legal capacity for your building. Additionally, you will want to think about the room where your coat rack will be located and how large of a unit can it hold. More importantly, can your selection get through the doorway to that room easily!

From there, you should also think about your actual location. Are you in an area that has warm temperatures year round? Or are you in an area that changes from one extreme to the other? A restaurant located in south Florida is most likely only going to need a smaller coat rack that can accommodate a few rain coats for rainy days. Mean while, a restaurant in northern Minnesota may need a coat rack that can hold dozens of thick, winter coats and only a few jackets for cool summer nights.

There are many options available to accommodate your businessís specific needs. Most coat racks come in a standard width that is great if you know roughly the number of people who generally come into your establishment. However, if you donít know if you will need room for 4 or 5 coats, or possibly 15 or 20 coats, there are coat racks available that can actually convert into larger racks. Keep it small and condensed when you know youíll have a small crowd or if thereís warmer weather, and then open it up during the colder months and busier seasons. These types of coat racks are the most versatile and will give you the best bang for your buck. Some even come with their own coat hangers that will stay more securely on the rack.

If your restaurant or hall is sometimes rented out for weddings and other types of parties, your best investment is into a large portable coat rack that condenses down when not in use. Many business coat racks like these are capable of holding 70 or more coats. Additionally, many are also portable so you can easily move it when you need to. When itís not in use, they can condense down to a more compact size that can fit through door ways and into storage rooms.

Keeping these few, simple factors in mind can help you make a better decision and possibly save you money down the road. Jot down what requirements your coat rack should fill and make sure your final choice meets these requirements. In the end, youíre company will be more organized, and your customers will be happier with you.

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